gender selection We use the Dr. Eugen Jonas Method® to help you determine your personal fertile days as well as your child's gender. This method has been elaborated on and verified through 42 years of research by Dr. Jonas. The method is based on the conclusion that there are actually two (2) mutually totally independent cycles of fertility.

Dr. Jonas verified each cycle from the point of view of conception with help of volunteer married couples and launched the practical application of his verified method. These are not mere hypotheses or theories, but verified facts.

The first, hormonal cycle is known as ovulation. Ovulation occurs between two monthly periods of menstruation, when the egg leaves the ovary and travels to the uterus. If the conception does not take place, the lining of the uterus breaks down and is expelled out of the body and causes monthly bleeding. Traditionally, doctors have told their patients that between these two monthly bleedings an optional time exists for conception. However, when gynaecologists have attempted artificial insemination at this time, they have met with only a 15% success rate.

gender selection Yet, when these so-called ovulation days were used (or not used) for the purpose of preventing the pregnancy, conception occurred with 80% of the couples.

We, as women, like to believe that we are in tune with our bodies enough that we can feel dramatic changes such as pregnancy. Trying to get pregnant can be a frustrating, disheartening experience. "I thought it was for real, this time!" a woman may exclaim. Sometimes, we may feel like we have conceived, only to be told by doctors that we're not pregnant. Other times, we may think we have avoided pregnancy by following our ovulation cycles, only to find that we have conceived accidentally. Unfortunately, the female body is still full of mystery, and we have much to learn about it. Finding the most fertile time for an individual woman's eggs is similar to boiling eggs in water; you never know when they are ready! Ultrasound often gives results that show the progress of the pregnancy to be 1-2 weeks at variance with expectations of the doctors. These conceptions occur at time when they are quite sure they are safe. How can conceptions occur in the apparent absence of ovulation? Dr. Eugen Jonas has an answer: There is a second cycle.

The Second Cycle

This second cycle is completely independent from the first ovulation cycle. Through his trials with married couples, Dr. Jonas has verified that 85% of pregnancies have taken place during this second cycle, often referred as to spontaneous ovulation. Spontaneous ovulation is phenomenon medical circles are familiar with, but little about it has been understood or explored within the medical profession.

Highly Fertile Days (Red Days)

gender selection Dr. Eugen Jonas Method® of Natural Conception Control enables us to determine the second cycle. Upon receiving your application form, we will determine your personalized chart with your highly fertile red days marked for the following twelve (12) months from the date of application. A highly fertile day is the day when the conception is most probable. This day is strictly individual and applies only to the applicant.

If the highly fertile (red) day overlaps or coincides with the ovulation day (explained below), conception rate is nearly 99%. Your highly fertile days will be included on your individual calendar and marked by a red coloured square, each with three (3) preceding days in a red frame. Each of the four (4) days constitutes a highly fertile time when you will have the best chance to conceive.

Ovulation days (green days) ...

gender selection The first cycle of fertile days, is determined for every woman by herself according to occurrence of monthly menstruation. When you receive Dr. Jones's calendar, your will record this cycle by yourself, with the method that follows:
  • Mark your first day of menstruation by a blue-coloured square into the calendar. A blue horizontal line underlines the last day of menstruation.
  • Then add full fifteen (15) days to the first day of your menstruation and mark this day in green (for example, the menstruation started on 3rd January - the 15th day is the 18th January). This is the traditionally presumed day of ovulation.
  • Starting from this ovulation (green) day, add six (6) days before and six (6) days after this ovulation (green) day.
  • You will get a 13-day ovulation term, which you mark by a green frame. Only few pregnancies occur during this green period. Make sure you mark these days into the calendar - when the "red" day overlaps with the "green" day, the conception rate could be almost 99%.


Each time you have sexual intercourse, mark an "X" to the right of to the number on the calendar. Do this also after the pregnancy has been verified. A shift in the menstruation cycle has no influence on the calculations. However, if the menstruation has a pathologic cause, a gynaecologist should be consulted. The calendar shows only optimum fertile days, it gives no hope of success in women that are unable to get pregnant due to pathologic causes. Therefore, specialists should treat a disease in a woman or in her husband.

Dr. Eugen Jonas Method® of Natural Conception Control is simple, very affordable and easy to use. Unlike most modern scientific discoveries, there are no dangerous side effects associated with it. No drugs, no chemicals and no surgery are required.
Our results speak for themselves...Why not use the natural way?

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