Revolutionary discoveries of Dr. E. Jonas...

gender selection In summer of 1956, the abortion was legalized in Hungary. That is, a medical procedure that displaces an already living foetus from the woman's body was legalized.

After the Soviet Union, Hungary was the second country in Europe where this inhumane and Godless law allowing the murder of children yet unborn became a reality.

There was a serious worry that other countries would follow this horrible example.

Doctors had been entrusted to preserve the lives of their patients, and suddenly they are asked to kill as the law permits it! In addition to this atrocity, abortion also represents a large risk for women during the procedure. After a woman has an abortion, there is a possibility of an infection as well as of a chronic malfunction of a permanent character and infertility. Spouses might want to have a child later on, only to find out that this is no longer possible. There is also the mental and moral aspect to consider.

A woman who has had an abortion may suddenly realize, "I have killed my own future child!" Depression and endless remorse set in. Who will help these women? Did the legislators take this into consideration? They identified the means without considering the end result.

That is why a young doctor in Nitra, Slovakia, started to study this problem intensively, trying to find out how to prevent pregnancy using natural means so that undesirable procedures might be pre-empted. This young medic remembered that ancient doctors were aware of the laws governing the fertility cycle in women and used them in their practice. But how?
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Dr. Eugen Jonas, a practicing Catholic, was certain there were rules regulating women's fertile and infertile days. He knew that all he needed to do was search for them and find them. Other well-known methods of determining the so-called ovulation period always turned out to have been quite unreliable. That was another reason why the abortion was legalized as well.

Dr. Jonas was lucky. On 15 August 1956, on the Feast of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, he discovered the rules he searched for. He discovered the precise influence on the female fertility and on the gender of the newly conceived fetus.

Having checked several cases, Dr. Jonas found that the result of the calculations matched the researched cases. Thus, Dr. Jonas, a great disciple of the Mother Of God, dedicated his discoveries (including those he would make in the future, as if sensing that there would be more of them) to the Heavenly Mother. He added a wish that they might be of use to mothers all around the world.

After a few dozen births and following a number of children from the circle of his friends, Dr. Jonas gathered sufficient material showing that the discovered correlation was indeed precise. In September 1956 he sent his discovery to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. However, soon thereafter a revolution broke out in Hungary. Even though he has sent in his discovery again, later in life, he has not received a reply till this day.

Dr. E. Jonas' colleagues suggested that he sent his discovery to the Slovak Academy of Sciences. The reply came soon: "We are not in a position to respond..." An answer worth of Solomon. However, his followers suggested he send his discoveries "to Prague, they won't reject you!" He concurred. Thereupon he received a reply from Dr. Jiri Malek, a gynaecologist: "Dr. Jonas' thesis seems to be substantiated, but it is necessary for him to explain his thesis and to provide a calendar (for the calculation method) and the evidential material."

This was his first scientific recognition. At the time, Dr. Jonas worked as a psychiatrist and could devote only his own free time for his research. Because of this, on the suggestion of Dr. Malek from Prague, Dr. Aurel Hudcovic invited Dr. Jonas to his Second Maternity Clinic in Bratislava for a period of four weeks to verify the method right at the specialized site. All the health organizations cooperated with Dr. Jonas to enable him to conduct his research.
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Discoveries confirmed...

Dr. Jonas discovered further connections: gynaecologists calculated the probable date of birth from the date of the last menstruation. Seldom did the date predicted by them coincide with the actual birth date. Dr. Jonas gathered a great number of cases and found out that in 54% of the cases the birth took place sooner than predicted. The difference was up to 46 days, while in 34% of the cases the term was longer, up to 57 days. In only 12% of the cases did the birth coincide with the gynaecologist's calculation. Only normal newborns (normal weight and size) were included in the statistics. Pathological cases were left out.

It was clear that the menstruation could not be used as a starting point for such calculation. Dr. Jonas helped himself with a more objective indicator: the size and weight of the newborns and divided them in three groups:
  • Oversize newborns over 3800g and over 51cm with an average pregnancy of 9 months and 13 days. Number of cases: 14%.
  • Average newborns between 3000 and 3800g or 45 to 50cm; pregnancy of 8 months and 20 days; Number of cases: 76%.
  • Undersize newborns between 2200 and 3000g or 45 to 50cm; pregnancy of 7 months and 20 days. Number of cases: 10%.
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Dr. Jonas then elaborated the so-called "Q" table for all the types of pregnancy from their beginning according to the weight and size of the fetus. Gynaecologists recognized this table, with Prof. Hudcovic remarking: "Even this had to be done by a psychiatrist."

Using the Q Table, it was easy for Dr. Jonas to review some 8,000 birth as they followed one by one at four maternity clinics and hospitals from January till December 1960. He specified the time of conception, the gender of conceived, their viability or non-viability. From the given material he further derived rules governing the conception of twins, their gender, their viability (altogether 13 combinations). He checked a great number of heavily deformed foetuses (born headless and with other serious defects). A gynaecologist, Dr. Jiri Malek, and an astronomer, Dr. F. Link, both from Prague, reviewed this material.

Thereupon, Dr. Malek asked Dr. Jonas to calculate, in front of a committee of gynaecologists, at least 50 cases of gender of newborns while unaware whether making a calculation for a boy or a girl. Two committees were formed: one in a maternity hospital in Nitra and one at the second maternity clinic in Bratislava. The results were good: 83% correct! Dr. Malek invited Dr. Jonas to the Academy of Sciences in Prague to lecture about his hypotheses and the results of his research at the First National Conference on Biorhythms in December 1964.

Dr. Jonas sent his discoveries to Prof. Kurt Rechnitz, the Head Doctor of the First Maternity Clinic in Budapest, and a recognized astronomer who understood the substance of these discoveries with little need of explanation. Dr. Jonas soon obtained the news that the results of the local maternity hospital confirmed his findings.
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Worldwide recognition of Dr.Jonas findings...

Scientists from different disciplines, different countries and different backgrounds became interested in Dr. Jonas's method. A Hungarian physicist, Dr. Magyari Endre confirmed Dr. Jonas's thesis from the physical point of view, Prof. Dr. Z. Horak from Prague, also a physicist, likewise found an explanation for the cosmic influence on the female fertility cycle. They jointly reported on this for the Czechoslovak Radio in Prague. The Kosmobiologishe Akademie in Aalen, Germany published this news. Dr. E. Jonas began to receive invitations to lecture from all around the world. Many international conferences have asked Dr. Jonas to present some of his almost "miracle" findings. These include the international Society for Planned Parenthood with UNESCO that studied his work. Prof. Diehl from the worldwide recognised Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg also reacted favourably about Dr. Jonas's method and confirmed his statistical findings. Academic Petrov Maslakov of St. Petersburg's Institute of Gynaecology led the exploration of Dr. Jonas's discovery in Russia. Even nuclear scientists completed reports on his discoveries.

Dr. Jonas research was almost lost during the communist regime in his country. Soviet tanks had rolled the streets crushing the famous Czech political "springtime". All hope of open connection to the West was gone. The West could get no further word of him for a very long period. Despite the political situation, Dr. Jonas's research has continued. When the time was right, he announced additional discoveries, well hidden from the West. He does not provide any details on it as to prevent its misuse.
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Nobel Prize nomination...

The results of Dr. Jonas's clinical tests were published in the Nitra paper, garnering him with respect. Journalists from Bratislava, (Smena, Hlas ludu), Vienna (Express), Germany (Wochenend), Budapest (Orszag vilag) began calling and asking for more information. Magazines and newspapers in Europe called Dr. Jonas' discoveries "a new branch of science that may mean unheard-of breakthroughs in medicine and biology." Children were being born in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy and Czechoslovakia according to the wishes of their parents.

Dr. Jonas has been visited by scientists and married couples from all over the world. He has received visits not only from scientists, but also from the representatives of many religions. They enquire about his finding and try to harmonize them with their beliefs (Muslims, Buddhists, Shintoists and others - they all show interest in the method).

In 1970, Prof. Robert Fondiller, of the Columbia University (former scientific adviser to the President of the USA) informed Dr. Jonas that he, Prof. Fondiller and four other scientists - Nobel prize winners (Urey, Rabi, Shockley, and Wacksman) wanted to nominate him for the Nobel Prize. Dr.Jonas has been regularly invited to lecture at international conference abroad. He has been named an honorary chairman of the Universal Union of Yoga Teachers, as well as an honorary member of the International Parapsychology Society in England, and so on.

Dr. Jonas receives letters of gratitude from women whom he helped to conceived twenty years ago! He also has the opportunity to help daughters of these mothers as well!

Today, Dr. Jonas is retired. He is happily married father of eleven children, all of them planned. He was able to predict his last two children's day and time of birth down to the day and hour! Dr. Jonas still continues further in his research.
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